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Nieuwsbrief Biodanza

Scuolatoro- Scuola Modello di Biodanza

Sistema Rolando Toro – Milano 

Dear colleagues, students under supervision and students near the completion of the methodologies, we are pleased to inform you that soon will start a new

specialization course in the application of Biodanza Clinica


"The Process of Integration Biodanza is offering has for basic objective the Existential Rehabilitation. This means it has a value of psychological prevention and elevation of quality of life."

"The proposal of Biodanza is to act through specific exercises able to deflagrate integrating emotions, to promote organic self-regulation."

"From a psychological point of view, Biodanza is an anxiolytic technique, in other words, reduces anxiety. The stress produced by emotional conflicts tends to decrease rapidly ."(Rolando Toro Araneda)

The first event is scheduled for the '11/ 12 February 2017 at the Cooperativa La Cordata, via Zumbini n. 6 in Milan.

The theme of this first module is: Biodanza as Existential Rehabilitation System Complementary to Clinic Medicine: Biodanza and Psychosomatic Diseases, Professor Claudete Sant'Anna

In this first module we will examine fundamental concepts of Psychosomatic Medicine that "help the understanding of the emotional genesis of certain diseases, inducing changes in lifestyle that contribute to self-care", and will be proposed specific vivencia for each clinical situation.

The second module will be held on 24/ 25 June 2017, again at La Cordata in Milan

The theme is Biodanza as Existential Rehabilitation System Complementary to Clinic Medicine: Biodanza and Mental Health, Professor Marcelo Mur

Trainee students and those who are nearing completion of Methodologies can enroll subject to management approval of their School of Biodanza.

for further information and registration please write to: Antonella Bandini, Viviana Zavaglia Dear greetings, looking forward to hearing from you soon, 

Antonella and Viviana of contacteer Annette 0640583378

Vriendelijke groet
Annette Heynderickx