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07-12-2018 | Biodanza voor Koppels Specialisatie cursus in het gebied van de Toepassingen

8/9 december 2018
20.00 uur
Tana dei Dragonivia Savona 1/a

Specialization course in the Biodanza Application Area for Couples.

door Eliane Matuk en Marcelo Mur

"The ecological couple constitutes a possibility of beauty and of a charming reciprocal relationship. »
Rolando Toro Araneda


"I would like to do with you what spring does with cherry trees. »
Pablo Neruda


The application of Biodanza to specific groups of couples involves the creation of vivencia that foster affective and erotic communication with the partner through exercises that stimulate a search for harmony and mutual trust.
Vivencia di Biodanza per Coppia stimulates self-esteem and self-knowledge through feeling rather than thinking about oneself, attributes that constitute the strength of magnetism and seduction, understood as a genuine expression of attraction for the partner.
Biodanza's approach is based on the concept of "ecological couple", developed by Rolando Toro Araneda, which presupposes a shared life project in which each of them brings their own abilities to favor the growth of both the couple.
The development of the ability to sensitize each other to the heart of the partner, to deepen communication methods that allow the attainment of affective and erotic intimacy, increase the chances of establishing a genuine love relationship that is stable over time.

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